Gajra Differential Gears









 With a proven track record of development; having developed more than 150 Crown Wheel Pinion Ratios and 20 Differential Spider Kit Assemblies since inception the key to success at Gajra Differential Gears is not just quality manufacturing but also keeping pace with the changing needs of the ever evolving differential industry.

Gajra Differential Gears's self-contained setup with modern equipment, a competent R&D team, trained manpower, and in-house manufacturing of cutting tools, jigs and fixtures, has enabled it to cut down new product development time to just a few months.
Gajra Differential Gears uses mainly world proven Gleason machines in its manufacturing programs:
Gleason 104/114 Coniflex Generators
Gleason 606/607/608/609/610 machines for Spiral and Hypoid teeth cutting of Ring Gears
Gleason 116/118 for Spiral and Hypoid teeth cutting of Pinion
Gleason 537/529 Press Quench machines
Gleason 575/506/119 Lapper
In addition, it has a state-of-the-art Continuous Gas Carburizing plant from Aichelin ALD of Austria to heat treat its products.

 With the use of these machines Gajra Differential Gears produces Ring Gears of 6.5-12.0 Module within AGMA Class 7-8 and 4.0-6.5 Module within AGMA class 9-10.

This balanced blend of modern technology and sound knowledge has enabled the company to meet international standards and produce world-class products.
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