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Over the years Gajra Gears has built a reputation of manufacturing superior quality products. These products demand proper handling and transport in every step of the manufacturing process, from the forging stage to packing and this is why Gajra Gears developed the Gajra-3F Sortainer, manufactured under collaboration from 3F, Switzerland.
What is the Gajra-3F Sortainer ?
A flexible work-piece carrier system for shaft, bore
or prismatic type components.

 Work-pieces are susceptible to dents and scratches during handling on the shop floor. To ensure that the product meets stringent quality standards, it is essential that proper care of the work-piece be taken during the entire manufacturing/assembly process.

The Gajra-3F Sortainer consists of a series of lightweight individual elements, which can be assembled in a modular system for various work-pieces and application needs.
F Sortainer ?
Advantages/Essential features:
Safe vibration proof transport and handling.
Modular and flexible system for use with work-pieces of various sizes and applications.
Easy to transport using forklifts or pallet trucks, or can be pushed on wheels.
Can be used with CNC loading and unloading by pick and place robot.
Aluminium signs for easy identification of equipment.
Reduction in costs due to fewer dents and less rework.
The Material Handling Division at Gajra Gears commercially markets the Gajra 3F Sortainer. Its Customers include:
Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd., Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
Hindustan Motors Ltd. (Power Product Division), Hosur, Tamil Nadu
International Tractors Ltd., Hosiyarpur, Punjab
Kerala Automobiles Ltd. (A Kerala Government Undertaking), Kerala
Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. (Tractor Division), Mumbai, Maharashtra
Swaraj Combine Division (A unit of Punjab Tractors), Distt. Ropar, Punjab
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