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Group Mission

The Gajra Group made its beginnings in 1950 with the formation of Elve Corporation. Originally trading in diesel engines and spares it then moved on to making Gears in 1962 with the set up of Gajra Gears. After establishing a name in automotive gears the group further added to its capabilities by setting up Gajra Differential Gears in 1991.

 With a modest beginning the group has over the years expanded its product range. The Gajra Group now offers transmission and differential gears, cutting tools and toolings (jigs, fixtures) that serve the purpose of manufacturing these gears, material handling pallets for the safe movement of these goods and machined castings and assemblies.

 What drives this growth at Gajra is commitment to top quality by following good manufacturing practices and providing outstanding customer service.
Group Strengths
Strong Brand Image
Latest Technology Machines
Strong Product Development & Reverse Engineering  Capabilities
50% of Revenues from Exports
Over 25% annual growth in OEM business
In house cutting tool & fixture mfg.
Over 40 years experience in gear mfg.
Highly skilled manpower
Over 1000 products mfg.
Exports mainly in DIN 6-8
Continuous training & improvement
Supplier Upgradation - ISO-9000, Better Manufacturing Practices
Best Manufacturing Practices - Six Sigma, TPM, TQM
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