Gajra Gears
Transmission Gears - Upto 400 mm in diameter
Spline Shafts and Axles - Upto 700 mm in length
Engine Gears, Oil Pump Gears
Automatic Transmission Parts
Gear Box Assemblies
Planetary Assemblies
Housings and Castings

The Cutting Tool Division
Gear Hobs
Gear Shaper Cutters
Gear Shaving Cutters
Master Gears
Full Form Gauges
Tooth Chamfering Cutters
Profile Milling Cutters
Surface Broaches
Hypoid Face Mill Cutters (Roughing Variety)
WMW Straight Bevel Generating Blades
Cutters Suitable for Coniflex Machines - 9" and 15" Dia.
Taper Forming Tools (Swaging Cutters)

Material Handling Division
Gajra-3F Sortainer

Gajra Product Division(GPD)
Axle Shafts
Steering Worms
Synchronizing Rings
Flywheel Ring Gears
Cylinder Heads
Can Shafts
Pitman Arms
Propeller Shafts and Components
Differential Cages
Water Pump Assemblies
Flywheel Gear Assemblies

Gajra Differential Gears
Spiral and Hypoid Gears (Crown Wheel and Pinions)
Straight Bevel Gears
Curvic Couplings and Face Clutches
Spider Kit Assemblies
Differential Cages and Housings
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