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 With an aim to provide timely delivery of products that match the customer's exact specifications Gajra Gears since the last 25 years has invested in the manufacture of cutting tools and fixtures.

The Cutting Tool Division at Gajra Gears boasts of a technically competent R&D team which has over the years developed the technology and design capabilities in-house with the use of sophisticated software like Pro-E along with the latest machine tools.

The fact that the Cutting Tool Division received the prestigious Import Substitution Award from the Government of India for the manufacture of "Gear Shaving Cutter" in a time when import required licenses shows that Gajra Gears endlessly finds ways and means to excel and open new avenues.

 With such success the Cutting Tool Division at Gajra Gears has recently ventured into the commercial marketing of gear cutting tools and related tooling.
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