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Gajra Differential Gears strives to provide the highest quality differential parts with the best possible prices using the latest manufacturing and metallurgical processes available.

This is possible by imposing a stringent quality control program involving all stages from the receipt of forgings to the packaging of the end product. The blanks, tooth spacing, contact pattern, noise, backlash and other checks are performed using Gleason 511/17A testers. In addition, structure and hardness tests are also undertaken.

These measures have gone a long way to ensure that every component that leaves the plant not only meets international standards like DIN, JIS and SAE but also the customer's expectations.

Consequently, hard work and perseverance have paid off and in a short time Gajra Differential Gears has created a name for itself in the differential gear segment with many satisfied OE and after market customers in India and across the world.
Gleason 17A
Crown Wheel Pinion Tester
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